Year 2 Excursion: Ottoman Village Aged Care

21 February 2018

Our Year 2 students spent some wonderful time visiting the Ottoman Village Aged Care facility in Broadmeadows where they were warmly welcomed by all staff and residents. Prior to their visit the students made cards to share with the grandparent friends at the facility. The students toured the facility to learn where the 32 residents live and spend their day to day routines. The were very curious and asked a lot of questions.

Students met the residents and handed them their cards. Some residents were touched and cried happy tears when receiving a letter or drawing from our students. They treasured them and put them away in a safe place. Our Year 2 students are currently doing their enquiry learning unit on "People Are Connected to Places". To enable students to establish their connections with various services and adults of the community, the students engaged the elderly residents in mind games, puzzles as well as colouring-in activities.

Well done to our students. They were being complimented on their good manners again and again.