Year 2 incursion: History of Al Siraat

25 May 2022

Students in Year 2 have been learning about a landmark in their local area as part of their Humanities History unit and attended an inhouse incursion with Ms Shahidah as a long lasting ASC staff member to hear and learn about our College in the local area of Epping.

Ms Shahidah has been working with us since Al Siraat has been established in early 2009. She let a highly engaging presentation and reflection of the early days of the College from its beginnings, how we have developed from a farm into a school and the many changes to the site and growth she has witnessed over the years. The students particularly enjoyed her "mystery bag" containing treasured memorabilia items, each with a story to tell. Students were then taken on a short walk around the site to point out certain buildings and locations that have changed or have been replaced over the years.

Back in their classrooms, our Year 2's were asked to reflect on their incursion learning by writing down 3 things they found most interesting to have changed from the past to now.

We thank Ms Shahidah for delivering such an insightful and fun incursion for our Year 2 students.