Year 2 Students' Ice Cream Survey

4 August 2017

With the opening of our brand new canteen just around the corner, students in Year 2C decided to help Chef James select some popular ice-cream flavours which he could sell at the canteen in the future, inShaAllah.

In order to make this selection authentic students brainstormed for ideas which they thought would facilitate this process. The class decided to carry out surveys which were first planned and then conducted. Keeping in mind the importance of having different views heard and included, surveys were distributed to not only primary and secondary students but also to teachers, admin and maintenance staff. Upon receiving the surveys back, the students in class began the tedious job of tallying and calculating the answers. Once the students had completed their calculations, they plotted graphs based on their findings. After graphing the results, the students invited Chef James to the class and shared with him their findings. Chef James has been very impressed by the data collected by the students and has promised to keep the results in mind when making special treats for the members of the College.

Below it the students' letter to Canteen Chef Mr James:

Dear Chef James,

We know that you are setting up an ice-cream area in the brand new school kitchen. There are gazzillions of ice-cream flavours out there and we in Year 2C have been wondering if you have had the time to think about which ice-cream flavours might be popular at Al Siraat College so that you could sell those flavours at the canteen.

Knowing how busy you have been with the setting up of the canteen we thought that we might help you a bit with your ice-cream selection. In order to do that, we have carried out a survey in the school and collected data which tells us that there are 4 ice cream flavours which are liked by lots of people at Al Siraat College.

Chocolate is the winner at number 1 with 24 people voting for it. In second place we have Vanilla with 13 people liking it. Third spot has been taken by rainbow with 12 votes and Strawberry is in the fourth spot with 5 people voting for it.

We hope that you will be able to use this data when you are selecting ice-cream flavours for the canteen.


Year 2C