Year 2: Werribee Zoo Excursion

29 July 2022

It was a lovely Tuesday morning when the Year 2 students and staff members gathered to head towards the Werribee Zoo for a fun filled day.

The day started off with lots of chatter on the bus as we all wondered what kinds of animals we would see, at least those of us who had never been there before.

At the zoo, we were provided with an interesting and educational habitat experience, where zoo staff explained the different habitats that Australian animals occupy. We were able, within the Habitat area, to build shelters for wallabies, ‘read’ Aboriginal messages depicted on rocks and sticks, and use magnifying glasses to find the smallest creatures we could!

We wandered through the walking trails (both Australian and African), eagerly watching monkeys, lions, cheetahs, and tried to see the hippos hiding under water. The Safari bus tour inside the Zoo provided us with close up experiences of viewing free range animals like emus, rhinos, zebras, oryx, and giraffes, to name a few.

It was a pleasure to hear the zoo staff compliment our Al Siraat College students on their manners, actions, and even the way they walked with their buddies – well done to the Year 2 cohort mashaAllah.

Our ride back to school was long yet full of stories about what we had seen and experienced, and children returned to school tired yet eager to visit our newborn chicks, who are spending two weeks with us as a part of our Science curriculum of animal life cycles. The students are never too tired to visit the young chicks and are eager to remind each other of the need to be quiet around them!

It was a wonderful trip with great weather alhamdullilah, and we look forward to our next one, inShaAllah.