Year 2C Showcasing Their Learning and Fundraising

18 September 2017

The Maths Exhibition provided a great opportunity for the students of Year 2C to showcase their learning to their parents and other community members who visited their class.

As the home room teacher of 2C, I felt very proud of the confidence which the students exhibited while sharing their knowledge. It was very refreshing for me as their teacher to just stand back and let my students run the show! What really inspired me was to see how the students were able to make connections between different subject areas. For example, links were made between mathematical concepts and Islamic ideas. While looking at ‘Time’, we were able to see how the Suhoor and Iftaar timings changed every day during the month of Ramadan.

Furthermore, while working with ‘Money’, students were introduced to concepts like Zakaat, Sadaqah and Hadiyyah. Students were also able to see how these concepts were linked to one of our school values “Benefitting Others”. In order to see the practical application of all these ideas a SADAQAH JAR was placed in the class during the exhibition. As all the ideas were very fresh in the minds of the students it was great to watch them passionately talk about the importance of helping others and then request their parent to put some money in the Sadaqah Jar.

Year 2C is pleased to announce that at the end of the exhibition, we have been able to collect $290 as Sadaqah which has been presented to our Principal Mr. Houghton. This Sadaqah collection will be donated to the Islamic Relief Fund and will, inShaAllah, go towards a charity for our Rohingya brothers and sisters.

Ms Najma Anis-Reusch

Year 2C Home Room Teacher