Year 3 Arabic: Firefighters visit

2 September 2022

Our Year 3 students were very excited this week to welcome the amazing crew from our local Epping CFA Fire Station on campus, demonstrating their heavy safety equipment and answering many questions from their attentive audience.

Our Arabic Department had invited the firefighters to the College as part of an evaluation phase of our Year 3 students' Arabic inquiry topic on fire fighters. The incursion helped them to experience the CFA members in real life and apply their learnt Arabic knowledge on the day. Some of our students had even made some lovely posters and thank you cards for the firefighters which they handed to them as gifts.

The students were also very interested in the fire trucks parked safely inside our basketball court area. The excitement was palpable when the firefighters opened their hoses and started using the water canons. We were very fortunate to have the EPPING CFA team on site before duty called them to their next emergency deployment, having to rush off with sirens and lights on.

Thank you to the absolutely fantastic team at Epping CFA for making time to visit our Year 3 students on your busy schedule. We look forward to welcoming you to the College again in the near future.