Year 3 Camp Kangaroobie

18 August 2018

Our Year 3 Camp 2018 was held at “Camp Kangaroobie”, near the famous Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles. After a long bus ride the students showed great patience and arrived at the camp full of excitement. Shouts of 'freedom' were made by several kids as they ran around the court yard overwhelmed with joy. Local camp dog Jedi was besieged with pats from adoring Al Siraat Campers. This was for many students, their first ever school camp and time spent away from parents.

Throughout the three-day camp, students enjoyed the outdoors and participated in a farm tour where they fed cows and lambs, performed bush cooking, played a bush survival game and completed a challenging obstacle course. This was concluded with a movie night.

Students learnt about performing dinner and cleaning duties and keeping rooms clean, skills that we are sure parents will now be able to see (or now enforce) at home.

There was plenty of free time allowing the students to engage with each other and form new and stronger friendships. Plus, we hope they remember the importance of honesty as was required in the game of Ga Ga GO!

A massive Thank You to the wonderful staff at Camp Kangaroobie, Ms Melike for organising the camp and to all staff (Ms Gatt, Ms Shefali, Ms Annette and Ms Safiye) who attended and shared the workload.

A special Thank You to Sheikh Kassen, Sr. Mawish and Sr. Marium who volunteered to attend the camp and assist with supervision.