Year 3 Incursion: Mrs Sargood from National Trust

9 February 2023

This week our Year 3 and Hifz A students enjoyed a visit from Mrs Sargood, a lovely character from the 19th century who took our students back in time. Mrs Sargood from the National Trust provided the students with a special “olden day’ classroom experience right here at Al Siraat College.

Mrs Marian “Australia” Sargood was a real character from the 1880's who lived at Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick. She was a mother of 9 surviving children and managed a household of 35 servants. She was the wife of Sir Frederick Sargood, Minister for Defence in the Colony of Victoria.

Our students learnt about life as a child in Melbourne in the 1800’s. They were surprised to learn that school was not a bright and happy place, like their current classrooms, that teachers were very strict and not as kind as they are today and that children often stopped going to school at the age of 10 to work as housemaids or stable boys in support of their poor families.

After discussing all this with the students, Mrs Sargood taught them how to write in “old fashion” cursive style handwriting using a copper plate and ink pot.

The students loved the experience, and we hope they appreciate how lucky they are to have wonderful teachers who make fair classroom rules for everyone.