Year 3 Science Incursion

28 August 2023

Our captivating Science incursion took our Year 3 students on an exhilarating scientific journey, delving deep into the captivating realm of energy, with a special focus on the enchanting properties of heat. Through a series of hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations, students were immersed in a world of discovery that left them thoroughly engaged and excited.

Throughout the incursion, students had the opportunity to explore an array of methods for producing useful heat energy. From generating heat through friction and motion to harnessing its power electrically and exploring the magic of chemical reactions – the students were enthralled by the diverse range of experiments that showcased the astonishing ways heat can be created.

But the adventure didn't stop there. The exploration continued into the captivating realm of heat transfer, particularly the concept of conduction. Students observed and measured the flow of heat through various materials, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of heat. Through interactive demonstrations and immersive experiences, they discovered how heat has the ability to drive remarkable changes in the world around us.

This incursion wasn't just about sparking curiosity – it was designed to instil a deep understanding of the essential principles of heat energy. By participating in hands-on activities, students not only comprehended the concept of energy transfer but also gained insights into the practical applications of heat energy, enriching their scientific knowledge and sparking a newfound enthusiasm for learning.

Our Science incursion proved to be a resounding success, leaving our Year 3's inspired and eager to continue exploring the captivating realms of Science. By making learning fun and engaging, we ignited a spark that will continue to burn brightly in the minds of these young learners, fuelling their passion for scientific discovery.