Year 3 Sleepover and Queen Victoria Market

30 May 2016

A night at Al Siraat

With the sun setting in the east, the children came to school and where ready for a pizza feast.

Teachers excited for a night in at school, and the students packed with sleeping bags and extra clothing, feeling a little cool.

The night walk proved to be an absolute delight, while some students got a little fright.

A campfire organized helped keep everyone ready for a possible storm, and the marshmallows roasted over the fire were just the tasty treat needed to keep tummies warm.

The night ended with ‘The Lorax’ in two venues which stole the shows, with some students falling asleep before the movie came to a close.

When morning approached students were up and ready out of their chair, with students heading towards the musallah to attend to their fajr prayer.

The school bus awaited with Br. Shukran and his great big smile, It seemed like we were driven for more than a mile.

When we landed at Queen Victoria Market, the bus sickness ended with a cure, with Carmel and Mandy waiting to take us around for a tour.

The day concluded with plenty of laughs, gifts and a sugar high, with students also enjoying a tasty Rumaisa cheese pie.

Thank you to all the mummies and daddies who let their children stay the night, We’re sure that they had trust in Allah and His Great Might.