Year 3 Students Unveil Sustainability Wonders

22 November 2023

Green minds at work: This term, our Year 3 and Hifz students have been diving into recycling and its impact on our planet. They actively engaged in a few hands-on projects, like donating old glasses and sunglasses to people in need overseas and supporting Melbourne Zoo’s Recycling Project to save Gorillas by donating old mobile phones, a successful worm farm and a compost initiative.

The students are composting food scraps, creating recycled papers, and showcasing their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Guided by our College Value of Responsibility, students are learning to make informed decisions about the environment, manage natural resources, and address pollution. Emphasizing the concept of stewardship, our Year 3's understand the responsibility to use nature in a balanced and sustainable manner, recognizing it as entrusted property.

During their recent excursion to CERES environmental education centre and urban farm, our students further explored sustainability and climate change, discussing waste as a problem. They made connections on avoiding waste and learned skills to generate zero waste, respecting the Earth’s natural resources.

Additionally, our students participated in a clean-up activity along Merri Creek, gaining insight into litter traps and sustainable practices to keep our water bodies clean. They also gained valuable insights into sustainable gardening, composting and effective ways to reduce and recycle.

We are excited about the practical skills our students are acquiring as they become active and environmentally informed citizens.