Year 3's Looking Back on Term 1

3 April 2014

Our Year 3 students have worked super hard this term! Feast your eyes on the photos above, each picture will show you how much fun it has been, working this hard! Lets play a game of “Can you spot the photo…..?”

• Can you find the one that shows us learning about mass, gs and kgs? • Yes, those boys are actually measuring each other’s earlobes… should we use mm or cm? • Can you find the one that marks Clean Up Al Siraat Day, in conjunction with Clean Up Australia Day?
• Which one shows us working in groups to make life-size diagrams of the digestive system?
• Can you us see us taking turns to present our research projects on the digestive system? • And how about the Healthy Sandwich Making Day, did you spot that picture?

Indeed these pictures are worth thousands of words. They are a testimony of how 3rd Graders approach their learning here at Al Siraat. Learning has never been more fun, meaningful and challenging!

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful term break! Please remember to read, read, read everyday!!!