Year 4 Incursion: Cultural Celebrations

20 June 2023

The vibrant and diverse fabric of our College community was on full display during last Friday’s Cultural Day incursion, presented to our Year 4 students by our enthusiastic and dedicated staff.

This much-anticipated event provided a unique opportunity for students to appreciate the rich tapestry of cultures that exist within our College.

Students were most excited to

  • sample delicious Egyptian Koshari
  • observe a German tea ceremony
  • learn the art of Pakistani embroidery
  • dress up as an Aussie
  • embark on a virtual South African safari
  • try on Kurdish clothing
  • participate in an Eritrean coffee ritual; and
  • learn more about Malay costumes, traditional weapons and martial arts techniques.

The cultural celebrations finished with a delicious lunch of Thai fried noodles for all Year 4 students and participating staff members.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our staff who worked tirelessly to ensure a comprehensive representation of the various cultures within our school community. Their passion for cultural diversity has left an indelible impact on our students, enabling them to develop a global perspective and become true citizens of the world.