Year 5 and 6 Boys Camp ADANAC

6 August 2021

Wow what a buzz! The boys disembarked from their buses wide-eyed and full of anticipation. The forecast was for rain tomorrow and the next day and we all wondered how much of the outdoor activities they would fit in. The accommodation was positioned atop a small mountain facing a beautiful view of the valley and remnants of the Great Dividing Range on the other side. Beneath us was a huge lake for canoeing, to one side was the flying fox. We would get to know this hill very well.

As well as the scheduled group activities, the boys had constant access to trampolines, a gaga pit, table tennis, basketball, indoor soccer, football table and cage soccer. Another favourite was the never-ending supply in the fruit bowl.

The highlight on the first night was a big bonfire set up by Mr Mukhtar and Mr James. Everyone was given chips and toasted marshmallows and we could all see the stars. The boys got a surprise visit from Mr Fazeel, Ms Rahat, Ms Esra and Ms Evla. Ms Rahat told everyone a story about the mythical ‘drop bears’. After that we all trapsed back up the infamous hill one more time. That hill claimed many a victim on its wet, muddy slopes over the camp, it was tricky in the dark!

That night and the next day rained, but miraculously all the activity rotations were completed. Favourites were canoeing, flying fox and ‘Thunder Hockey’. The second night the kids had popcorn and watched the movie, ‘Inside Out’, all about managing our emotions. Each group took turns setting up meals and preparing for prayer. Boys got to hang out with different friends for a change. Mr Sheik’s special gaga rules were hilarious and popular.

Special thanks to Ms Taybah, Ms Desiree, Ms Kiki, Mr Syed, Mr Mukhtar, Mr Sheik and Mr Patrick for overseeing the whole camp. Thank you for working so hard and missing your families.