Year 5 English: Poetry Workshop

19 May 2023

All of our Year 5 boys and girls participated in a poetry workshop held yesterday inside the Musalla, facilitated by guest speaker Sr. Rania Ahmed who is a qualified counsellor. The central topic of the workshop was "Who am I?", inviting our students to reflect on their identity and qualities, as well as who Allah (swt) tells us who we are and how we should be.

The students reflected on their identity on four levels: Socially, psychologically, physically and spiritually. They then created short poems about who they are. Some of the Year 5's were able to share their poem with the whole group.

The students left feeling more confident with their ability to create metaphors and use adjectives in their poems. All students were encouraged to think deeper about the question of identity to understand and know themselves better and therefore come closer to Allah (swt).

We would like to share one of the poems created in yesterday's workshop with you below:

I am

I am a strong table of frustration

I am an annoying chair of fearfulness

I am a smart shelf of happiness

I am a nice clock of memories

I am a pillar of content.

Written by Shafana Abdul Hameed (Year G3)