Year 5 Incursion: Parliament Process

3 August 2023

Our Year 5 students greatly enjoyed an engaging Humanities incursion this week. They had the opportunity to participate in an interactive federal election roleplay and learnt about preferential voting and absolute majorities. In the session, the students learned about the democratic process in Australia and the different roles of the three levels of the government.

During the incursion, the room was set up to replicate The House of Representative (The Green Room) to illustrate how bills become laws. Our students had so much fun playing the roles of Prime Minister, Voting Officials, Speaker, Arm-at-General. The students enacted the government and the opposition party debating whether PE should be banned in schools. The Year 5's formed political parties and voiced their own opinions to the debate, allowing their creativity to flourish. There were also costumes and props that made the session even more realistic.

Overall, the students had a valuable experience gaining beneficial knowledge from this incursion by better understanding and in-depth learning of how a parliamentary process works.