Year 6 Arabic incursion: Muslim Identity

28 November 2022

Last Friday, 25 November 2022, our dedicated Arabic Department welcomed three guest speakers on site to share their experiences with our Year 6 students on what it means to be a practising Muslim paramedic and nurse in Victoria.

Ms Rana and Ms Mona are two paramedics wearing hijab who discussed modesty and their Islamic character with our Year 6 girls, encouraging them to advance their Arabic skills to be able to help the community in the near future.

Mr Wassim discussed prayer, Ramadan and controlling our emotions at work while practicing the Islamic faith and values in all situations with our Year 6 boys inside the school Musallah.

We are very grateful to Rana, Mona and Wassim for making time during their very busy and often stressful schedules to meet with our Year 6 students.