Year 6 Archery Ascension

30 August 2022

Last Friday morning, the team from Archery Ascension came to our College for an incursion with our Year 6 students. Archery Ascension’s aim is to revive tradition, create culture & community, and transform lives.

What an amazing opportunity this was for our Senior Primary students. The introduction was very thorough and included learning the history of archery, and its association with Islam being a Sunnah sport. The students learnt about the different types of bows and arrows, what they are made of, and how they work, including the significance of having turkey feathers as opposed to artificial feathers at the end of the arrows. It was fascinating to learn this, and hear the passion with which the facilitators from Archery Ascension described everything. You couldn’t help but be captivated and engaged.

The students were then formed into 2 groups for a friendly shooting competition. Each student had the opportunity to shoot the arrow, aiming for a balloon as the target. Lots of popping could be heard as balloons were bursting by both teams.

Al Siraat is very grateful to the amazing team from Archery Ascension for their time and effort to provide this incursion, and also Centre for Muslim Wellbeing (CMW) for sponsoring part of this program for our students.