Year 6 Farewell Graduation 2022

16 December 2022

The Year 2022, the first full year back after almost 2 years of COVID-19 Lockdowns, ended in a manner pleasing to Allah in that it entered happiness into the hearts of our young students. Our Year 6 students had a special completion ceremony to mark the end of their Primary journey.

It was a beautiful evening that saw our Year 6 boys and girls receive their completion certificates, speeches and supplications from students and staff, a buffet dinner, and photography time with parents and family. In addition to my comments on the evening, I pray that they continue their journey in perfecting their character with the help and support of everyone at Al Siraat and of course with the divine support from Allah Mighty Majestic.

Our Year 6G4 student Yassmina Hussein has written the lovely poem below to be shared with her teachers and classmates for the graduation:

"Ms Hawa and Ms Yasmin You have been teaching us this year You have given us so much knowledge Oh, the end is nearly here.

So many mixed emotions I don’t know what to say Let's try to make these memories last And remember this graduation day.

All the ups and downs Yet, we have still made it We have accomplished this journey And none of us have quit.

And to all the other teachers Thanks to you all You have supported us in everything Oh, we’ve had a ball!"

composed by Yassmina Hussein (Year 6G4)

We pray that Allah continues to fill the hearts of our students and their families with happiness. We pray that Allah inspires our students, staff, and families to that which pleases him and protect them from all that is not pleasing to him.