Year 6 Graduation 2015

14 December 2015

Our successful Year 6 Graduate were acknowledged during last Friday’s Special Junior School Assembly and farewelled into Senior School by Principal Mr Andrew Houghton as well as their current class teachers Ms Emily Moustafa (Yr 6A), Ms Noori Ahmad (Yr 6B) and Ms Aquila Zafir (Yr 6 Hifz).

Congratulations and Mabrook to the following students:

Year 6A (girls only class):

  • Yasmeen Alhadad

  • Ruqaiyah Allouche

  • Meriem Bekhaled

  • Tasleem Godfrey

  • Ameera Hamze

  • Seham Hassan

  • Asma Ibrahim

  • Sumaya Ibrahim

  • Hana Keown

  • Safiyyah Moeladawilah

  • Hanan Yusuf

Year 6B (boys only class):

  • Mohamad Bakir Al Ghazawi

  • Mohamad Ali

  • Salmaan Ali

  • Yusuf Brookman

  • Ahmad Tahir Chaudhry

  • Tanzeel Danyal

  • Salah Elayoubi

  • Ahmed Fareed

  • Ahmad Ghunaym Khan

  • Moussa Mohamed

  • Omar Mohamed

  • Abdullah Mohamed Azad

  • Abdul Momin Randhawa

  • Sadaq Ali Said

  • Ayman Yohannes

Year 6 (Hifz Class)

  • Muhamed Amir Beluli

  • Mohamed Abdul-Kadir Hassan

  • Hajra Iqbal

  • Mohsin Khan

  • Rafiq Leghari

  • Abdullahi Ali Sheikh Mohamed

  • Abdirahman Mohamed

  • Abdulrahman Taleb

Students were each presented with a Graduation Certificate from Junior School and their graduation group photo taken outside afterwards.

Prior to the assembly, students had been celebrating the end of their time in Junior School with their class mates and teachers and also enjoyed a special graduation excursion to Oz Ten Bowling.

We wish our leaving Year 6 students all the best, perseverance and much success as they continue their educational journey in High School next year, inshaAllah.