Years 1 to 3 Excursion to Pit Gymnastics

1 September 2016

Sporting Schools program takes our Primary gymnastics to greater heights

Al Siraat Primary students participated in a gymnastics program funded by the Government Sporting Schools Grant.

The tuck sit, straddle, star shape and motorbike landing all have one thing in common, they all belong to key shapes in gymnastics. Over 190 students from Years 1, 2 and 3 visited the Pit Gymnastics Centre in Mill Park. Here, students participated in a range of fundamental gymnastics skills, as well as attempted various movements on a variety of apparatus, and of course who can’t forget the large foam-jumping pit.

This program could not have been made possible without the financial support of the Australian Sports Commission, whom through the Sporting Schools Program helped enrich our gymnastics program. The government grant has also been implemented into our table tennis program, which has been a fantastic addition to the PE practical curriculum.

We look forward to continuing the fantastic sporting programs and we are grateful to be part of the Sporting Schools Program.