PFC Pre-Eid Market 2023

20 June 2023

Our Parents and Friends Community (PFC) hosted their much loved annual Pre-Eid Market on Tuesday, 20th June during the first ten sacred days of Dhul-Hijjrah.

The market was a fundraiser for Masjid Salam (proposed name) and featured many handmade art and craft items, Islamic books, Eid decorations, stationary, toys, clothes and hijabs, home decor and more. What a wonderful opportunity for our school community to purchase Eid gifts for family, friends or themselves while supporting our Mosque Fundraiser.

The PFC have raised the fabulous amount of $3,327.40 at the pre-Eid market and additionally, $1,124.50 were raised at Monday's Primary Jubbah and Islamic Dress, bringing the total amount raised on both fundraising days to just short of $4,500 for Masjid Salam (proposed name), mashaAllah.

JazakAllah khairan to our AMAZING parent volunteers for all of their tireless efforts and dedication. Our school community is very grateful for all you do, from the countless hours of getting together to organise the market to crafting the many absolutely gorgeous handmade gifts for our students, parents and staff to enjoy for Eid and volunteering the entire Tuesday to run the market.

Thank you as well to all staff, students and parents for their generous contribution towards the two fundraising events.