Science Exhibition 2015: Parents and Friends Forum

10 August 2015

The Parent and Friends Forum (PFF) of Al Siraat College would like to say a big

Thank You to all the parents who helped out with the exhibition over the past month.

So many parents got involved in helping teachers set up rooms in the weeks leading up to the big event. On the two days of the exhibition, there were wonderful parents that participated in the fundraising. We would love to name you all, but we fear on missing someone out.

We really appreciate all the sisters and brothers that put time into working in the stalls. You all put in so much heart and effort to make sure everything moved smoothly. Sisters brought along so many delicious baked goods as well. It was fantastic to see such a variety.

Thank You as well to Br. Jeneefer, Al Siraat parent and owner of "Meat at the Corner" who generously supplied us with lots of yummy halal sausages and burger patties.

And yet another Thank You to the "Barista Sisters" who did a great job making sure we all had our caffeine intake with delicious coffees, hot chocolates and chai lattes via their mobile coffee truck. They donated part of their sales from the two days to the College.

With the selling of sausages, hamburgers, drinks and baked goods, we were able to raise over $3,700 for school resources.

This is all thanks to all of you, including the families that came and bought items from our stalls. It goes to show we have a great community spirit, mashaAllah!