Women's Day: A Celebration of the Hijab

12 March 2019

On Friday, 8 March 2019, we celebrated our first international women’s day in a way that reflects the women in our community and by celebrating something that is an important part of our lives as Muslim women: Our hijabs.

Hijab is such an important part in the life of Muslim women. It is a part of our observance of our faith and done only for the sake of Allahu Subhanahu wa Teala. The world is beginning to understand that hijab is not the symbol of oppression but the symbol of liberation.

For the evening, we had two wonderful students representatives: Year 12 student Maryam Jawaid was our MC for the night while Naziihah Hafidi (Year 9) was our guest speaker who spoke about inspiring Muslim women.

Throughout the evening, we played games and winners were presented prizes. We would like to thank VicLearn, HIYC Bookstore and CraftDNA for being so generous with their donations. The evening concluded with hijab sales, hijab tutorials, henna, photo booth opportunities and much needed massages.

I would like to personally thank all the mums who helped out on the evening and in the lead up to the evening. Events like these are not possible without the support of our beautiful and generous volunteers.

We all had a wonderful night and we look forward to continuing this event again next year.