Celebrating Maths Week in Senior School

8 September 2017

Students at Al Siraat College celebrated Mathematics Week with various exciting activities this week. We started the week with “MAV Maths Games Day Competition” excursion that took place at Mount Hira College. Our Level D students enjoyed taking part of such a big and prestigious competition and competed against the highest achiever students in Victoria.

Our students also participated in Maths Quiz Competition in our school. They enjoyed solving “Letters and Numbers” questions during the competition. They also had lots of fun while building Maths Dome. They played Mastermind and Connect 4 Games which helped them to improve their problem solving strategies. Rubik’s Cube and Pi Memorisation competitions were other highlights of the week. Our Mathematics teachers also prepared lots of Kahoot activities and online Maths Games in order to help students learn Mathematics while having fun.

Our staff members also enjoyed the “Literacy and Numeracy High Tea” that was prepared for them by English and Mathematics teachers in the secondary classroom.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Mathematics teachers for their efforts to make Maths fun for their students throughout the week:

  • Mr Vella
  • Ms Noori
  • Mr Karaman
  • Ms Naga
  • Mr Kullu
  • Ms Dilek

A very special thank you and appreciation goes to Mr Vella for bringing the Maths Dome to our school, preparing “Letters and Numbers” Quiz questions and Kahoot Games. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Ms Noori for her efforts in organisation of the high tea.

Overall, the had a very successful Maths Week with full of fun activities for our students.