Celebrating Science Week in Secondary

21 August 2023

Al Siraat celebrated National Science Week 2023 over the course of two days last week with a Primary and Secondary Science exhibition. Both events were true celebrations of curiosity and innovation, as our Secondary students took the spotlight, presenting mesmerising Science projects that ignited a sense of wonder in our Primary school students.

This year’s official Science Week theme was “Innovation: Empowering Future Industries”. Our students engaged in numerous innovative projects using materials from their own backyards. Science Week presents an opportunity to our students to promote creative thinking, engage in hands-on activities, and collaboration.

The exhibits they presented served as a testament to the tremendous effort they invested in creating these innovative displays. Additionally, observing the way they explained their projects to their younger peers in Primary School filled with us with happiness, highlighting how this event contributed to enhance their communication skills.

Our wonderful Science Department team also orchestrated an unforgettable Science Trivia evening for our Secondary school teachers, adding a dose of friendly competition with an engaging Kahoot quiz. The bridge-making competition showcased the creative ingenuity of our educators, while captivating Science experiments that left everyone awestruck and inspired.

We are truly impressed by the dedication and hard work demonstrated by our students during National Science Week 2023. We would also like to thank our dedicated Science teachers for their unwavering commitment to nurturing a love for science within our students. Your efforts are shaping the future of aspiring scientists and innovators.

This year, the Al Siraat College Science Fair was proudly supported by Australian Science Teachers Association.