Chemistry Demonstration by Year 11 Students

26 June 2015

Our Year 11 Chemistry students, including Ambreen, Ruqayah, Samiya, Abdullahi, Tarek and Faizan, demonstrated three interesting chemistry experiments in front of Junior students on the last day of the second term.

Abdullahi and Samiya explained what pH or acidity is and basicity of different chemicals. They also demonstrated identifying different chemical solutions including ammonia, sodium hydrogen carbonate, soap water, tap water, distilled water, vinegar and hydrochloric acids with the help of Universal Indicator Solution, making a rainbow of colours displaying different pH of these solutions.

Tarek and Faizan amazed the students by the memory of Nitinol wire (made of Nickel and Titanium). They invited students from the Junior School audience and asked them to bend and give new shapes to those wires. Tarek and Faizan then put those newly shaped wires into hot water and students witnessed how they went back to their original shapes. Behavior of Magic Sand in water was demonstrated by Ambreen and Ruqayah. They engaged the student audience to see that the Magic Sand didn’t get wet in water due to a water repelling coating on it.

The demonstrations were shown to our Junior students in their assembly area with the courtesy of the Head of Junior School Ms Shahida. I supervised the Chemistry Demonstrations which were shown on the big TV screen for the benefit of all the audience to see. In the end all, the audience of students and teachers appreciated and thanked the Year 11 students for showing these fascinating chemistry demonstrations and giving them an opportunity to learn the processes involved in the demonstrations.

Rana Shahid Chemistry Teacher