Education Week: Oratory Contest 2023

24 May 2023

The Secondary English Department organised their inaugural High School Oratory Contest during Education Week, featuring 22 student orators on Monday, 22 May 2023.

All students from Years 7 to Year 12 attended and found the event very educational and inspirational. Some students who did not take part came forth and declared their interest already to participate in the forthcoming Battle of Speakers Contest scheduled for third term.

The contest saw emerging orators and some very talented discoveries who surprised everyone with their speaking abilities and level of confidence. All participants received certificates and consolation prizes.

We are proud to announce the winners for this year’s contest who will be officially awarded within a week's time, inShaAllah. They were all ably judged by the following panel members: Mr Vis, Ms Tatum, Ms Desiree, Ms Taybah, Mr Ata, Ms Yasmin, Ms Sumeya, Ms Shahnaz and Ms Shireen.

1st Place Winners

  • Osama Akkad (Year 12)
  • Heba Alrubayi (Year 9)

2nd Place Winners

  • Yasmin Al-Asali (Year 9)
  • Hallah Alboarab (Year 12)
  • Ayesha Malik (Year 9)

3rd Place Winners

  • Adam Al Danaf (Year 12)
  • Mohammad Awwady (Year 11)
  • Amnah Khan (Year 11)
  • Ezaan Khan (Year 10)
  • Safiyah Mohamed (Year 9)
  • Sahar Rayan (Year 10).

The overall participants at this year’s contest were as follows:

Year 7

  • Tasneem Dahir
  • Aleesya Mohd Nasir
  • Suhaan Sadek

Year 8

  • Fatima Abdullah
  • Talha Ansari

Year 9

  • Yasmin Al-Asali
  • Heba Alrubayi
  • Israa Baykara
  • Ayesha Malik
  • Safiyah Mohamed
  • Mahir Sidiqi

Year 10

  • Ezaan Khan
  • Sahar Rayan
  • Ruqaiya Wazze

Year 11

  • Mohammed Awwady
  • Ahmed Elferjani
  • Mohamed Ezawi
  • Amnah Khan

Year 12

  • Osama Akkad
  • Hallah Alboarab
  • Adam Al Danaf
  • Hadin Chowdhury.