End of Year Secondary Excursion: Ice Skating

10 December 2015

Senior students, both male and female, from Years 7 to 10 were taken to the O'Brien Group Arena in the Docklands for a fun ice skating excursion to celebrate a successful year at Al Siraat coming to an end.

After donning helmets and skates, the students attended a skating lessons by the friendly Icehouse staff before taking to the ice themselves. with the assistance of Mr Houghton, Mr Vis, Mr Bektash, Mr Saleh, Ms Layal, Ms Breis and Br. Shukran.

After leaving the ice rink, students merrily soaked up the sunshine outside and enjoyed some play time a local playground on the way back.

It was a day of slippery fun, bumps and much laughter that was greatly enjoyed by all.