Food Allergy Awareness Week

21 May 2015

As part of "Food Allergy Awareness Week" at Al Siraat College, the Year 8A (girls) students participated in raising awareness for students who have food allergies. This included general food allergies as well as anaphylaxis. The slogan for the week was "Be aware - Show you care" which our students took up in the decoration of cupcakes.

The students decorated gluten and nut free cupcakes with the slogan of the week which was "Be aware - Show you care". Once baked and decorated, they kindly shared them with the SRC (Student Representatives Council) students. Everyone enjoyed the tasty cupcakes and students found the topic to be very informative.

The Senior students wore a big smile during the project and reported back to now feel more confident and aware in regards to food allergies and anaphylaxis.