Inaugural Volunteer Expo

6 May 2016

The inaugural ‘Let’s Make a Difference’ Volunteering Expo at the College was held on Wednesday, 27 April and was a great success, alhamdulillah. The Expo was conducted in partnership with the Wellbeing and Secondary Islamic Studies Departments, the Year 9 students and volunteer organisations, including the County Fire Authority, Ramon Helps Inc., Islamic Relief Australia, Whittlesea Community Connections, Victoria Police and Life Saving Victoria Association.

The Expo provided everyone (parents, teachers and students) a chance to see, hear and learn about the importance of volunteering and benefiting others in the community. This expo coincided with what we support and teach at our College as one of the values.

All our Year 9 students were able to develop their organization, presentation and communication skills as they showcased their volunteering research projects to visitors. They proudly represented the following volunteer organisations:

  • the RSPCA

  • the Heart Foundation

  • Islamic Relief

  • the Smith Family

  • Amnesty International

  • the Wesley Mission

  • the City Mission

  • St John’s Ambulance

  • the Red Cross and

  • the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV)

Student leadership, communication skills and respectful relationships are few of the objectives that were achieved out of this Expo. Students showed the skills of team work, collaboration and enthusiasm which is highly commendable. Creating awareness in our community about benefiting others is a huge step toward creating a harmonious society in which our youth will, InshaAllah, feel comfortable and confident to be part of now, and into the future.

Many thanks to Maulana Amir Tariq and Ms Tanya Kubitza for the valuable contribution and project delivery, as well as all the groups that participated, in making it a successful event.

Fiamanillah (I entrust you to Allah’s care)

Ustaadhah Khadeejah Anderson (Secondary Islamic Studies Coordinator) & Dr Sonia Cheema (Head of Wellbeing)