Lest we forget: WW2 veteran visiting ASC

12 November 2015

Yesterday, 11th November marked "Remembrance Day" and what better way to engage our Senior students than having them hear directly from a World War 2 veteran: Our Senior Year 9 and 10 students were lucky enough to meet Jack, a 91 year old, decorated World War 2 veteran, who is also the grandfather of one our Al Siraat College teachers: Mrs Asma Ahmad.

Jack came to speak to us, shared his war memorabilia and more importantly, his experiences during the war with students and staff. It was enlightening to be able to hear him talk about the things that he endured during WW2 and for us all to be able to view his maps, photos and war medals.

Jack was as an entertaining speaker and very humble person who was able to share a lot about his stories and the impact that the war had on him. He was an inspiring advocate for peace and reminded students about the brutality, violence and horrors of war.

We would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to him to come a long way to speak to our students yesterday. May we never forget and may such horrors never be upon us ever again!