Middle and Senior School: Ramadan Assembly

22 May 2018

First Assembly led by SRCs

For the first time, SRC members from Years 5 - 11 conducted our Middle and Senior Ramadan assemblies separately on Monday, 7th May to welcome the holy month of Ramadan.

Ammar Ulhaq, Mira Damlkhi, Hanan Hirsi, Mohamad Bakir Al-Ghazawi and Zahra Al-Ghazawi hosted the Ramadan Assembly in their respective year levels.

The other members of our Student Representative Council (SRC) spoke about different topics on Ramadan such as

  • “The relationship between Ramadan and Quran”,
  • “Do and Don’ts of Ramadan”, “Facts of Ramadan” and
  • “Historical events of Ramadan”.

The students enjoyed conducting and attending their assemblies and it was very informative. Mufti Aasim was invited by the SRCs as a guest speaker to speak and share important information about the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Teachers, Students and guest all enjoyed the assembly run by SRC for the first time.

We wish you all a Very Happy Ramadan Mubarak!