Pizza and Bake Sale by Year 11 Students

2 May 2016

Our Year 11 VCE Business Management students had the opportunity to run small businesses at school, as part of their assessment. This was conducted with the Pizza and Bake Sale on the day of our Sports Carnival.

Half of the VCE class decided to run a pizza business called “The Pizza Boys” and the others ran a cake stall called "Anafan". This provided students with the opportunity to plan and manage a business from the initial stages, to actually running the business on the day as well as to finally completing an evaluation to assess how well they performed.

This is an invaluable learning experience which successfully raised an impressive $1600. All the profits were donated to our school for fundraising purposes. We would like to thank the students, staff and parents that supported their endeavours. We truly have a wonderful, patient and generous school community.