Robotics at Al Siraat

20 March 2018

The colourful and fun Lego bricks are indeed a familiar sight to everyone. However, our Middle Years and Senior Years students have gone a step further with the Lego bricks and transform them to a geeky-high tech robots in our classroom. The robots are built with mechanical motors, optical sensors, colour sensors that would allow it to perform simulated real-life challenges.

All this is part of our College’s STEM education through our Robotics Programme that exposes students to programming in a fun and interactive manner. After spending the initial two weeks on assembly and understanding the concepts of programming, our students are now navigating the challenges of a simulated real-life environment as they programme their robots to perform specific tasks and challenges. The new robotics programme challenges our students to analyse problems, devise a solution and hones their problem-solving skills. Through this, students also learn inter-disciplinary concepts such as distance, angles and coordinates.

It is wonderful to see our students engaging in their learning as well as having the enthusiasm to challenge. The Art & Technology Department intends to gather a few enthusiastic students to form a core team that would represent our school in robotics competitions.