Science Week 2015

28 August 2015

Science week has made its mark this year at Al Siraat!

The week began with an impressive ‘Scigh Tea’ (Science High Tea) hosted by the Science Department for our lovely College staff members. Teachers prepared fancy fruit molecules, DNA licorice, glucose cupcakes, petri dish cookies, mitosis snaps, lemon slice elements, meringue mice, conical flask and test tube cookies… you name it and it was there! They even dressed up for the occasion, looking ever so smart in their lab coats, glasses and big bow ties.

Lunchtime student workshops were also a hit this week! Students from Year 7 enthusiastically anticipated their workshop to make slime, while our Year 8 students investigated Smartie chromatography. And let’s not forget the Year 9’s who took great interest in making their very own DIY Handwarmers.

As for the Science Trivia Competition, Year 7-9 students participated in a ‘round robin’ style event over three days. Students enjoyed the challenge and wittiness presented by their teachers who assisted with the event. Well done to all participants and congratulations to our winners!

It has been magnificent to see such positive contributions from staff and students alike! A BIG thank you to Ms Dilek, Ms Maha, Ms Layal, Ms Breis, Mr Ray and of course, our Lab Tech, Ms Hanifa for helping to make this week a successful one!

Kind regards, Gjulsime Idrizi | Head of Science