Secondary Girls Night Out - A Great Success

7 September 2023

On Friday, 1st of September, the first ever Secondary Girls’ Night took place in the auditorium at Al Siraat College from 5pm to 7pm. This event was organised by the Senior girls of the Event Management Club throughout Term 3.

There were about 120 girls from Year 7 to Year 12 present at the sold out event. It was an entertaining night for all the Secondary girls to have fun and hang out. First, the Girls’ College Captain Zainab gave a speech welcoming everyone, followed by the opening Quran recitation. Ms Gulhan did the Acknowledgement of Country and thanked all the sponsors. Next, Ms Safiye directed a Talent Show where a few groups of girls came up to the stage to sing or tell jokes. Afterwards, the audience chose a winning group. Next, we prayed and then had a delicious buffet dinner, followed by a dessert buffet. Finally just before everyone got ready to go home, we had a panel of a few VCE Year 11 and 12 girls answering questions asked by the other grades. By and large, this was an incredibly memorable and fun night.

Additionally, Special Thanks goes to:

  • The State Government of Victoria for funding this Victorian Youth Fest event
  • Victorian Police for supporting the event
  • JoJayz Café for sponsoring and supplying the deserts
  • Ms Gulhan and Ms Ayesha M. for all the behind-the-scenes work they did to made this event possible
  • Ms Safiye for hosting the talent show
  • Ms Noori for supporting the organising team
  • Ms Faiza for providing the catering
  • Ms Maheen for organizing the decorative centrepiece table
  • All the PFC mothers who helped set up and pack up the event
  • All the girls who participated and thus made this a special and fun night
  • All the girls who were involved in the Event Management Club (mainly the SRC girls and Environmental leaders) for coordinating every part of this event and thus making it possible.

We look forward to hosting more events for youth at Al Siraat College.

Written by Halimah Sheikh (Year 9G3)