Senior BOYS Camp 2017 - A Poem

23 February 2017

It was the first week of school, and subhanAllah: What a start.

With camp set to go for our middle School boys who were certainly dressed for the part.

It rained as we gathered, but that didn't stop the excitement. The Mussallah made for an excellent meeting point to share the enlightenment. 

We boarded the buses with 79 including staff, who were more than welcome. Brother Shukran stood tall with a great big smile, saying "Asalaamu Alaikum".

The journey was short with many twists and bends. However, the first to arrive were the Nines and Tens. 

The accommodation looked too good to be true. With five star rooms and an ensuite, too. 

The activities were simple yet delightful, to say the least. It was the mountain boarding that that helped tackle the beast.

Alhumdulillah, the food was just as impressive, even to those who are picky. Which included a Moroccan lamb dish with a squeeze of tzatziki. 

Our boys challenged themselves and conquered some of their fears. Mr Vis was placed strategically in the night walk ready to test their tears. 

Our teachers worked tirelessly operating together ready for any task or malignity. All doing their part, and ready to use discipline with dignity. 

Mr Vella made it clear to all the boys that sleep time was no exception. Getting boys to bed with ease and affection.

Mr Suffian used his artistic flare and aspiration. Even patrolling the hallway and rooms of the 9/10 accommodation. 

Mr Vis participated with skill and ability. Speeding from end to end in the thunder hockey activity.

Mr Karaman was a first time camper who engaged with our boys in every moment. He was enthusiastic and passionate which makes for a key camp component. 

Sheikh Ahmad’s energy and comedy pleased and delighted. He set the bar high when Quran was recited. 

Ustadh Amir was a late inclusion as the number of campers increased. He continued to share his knowledge and wisdom just to say the least.

Mr Emniyet is a veteran who knows how to connect with our youth. His calm and cool approach made our boys tell the truth. 

Mr Houghton popped in for a day visit, which added to the thrill. He cruised down the hill side on a mountain board with ease and skill.

The camp made headlines in all the right places. With our boys making all the right choices. 

Our boys approached camp in a positive way. Which left a great impression of our school throughout our stay. 

What a start to the year and we thank Allah. Without His help we wouldn't have come this far.

Let’s build on this momentum and evolve on what we have achieved and attempted.

And take every day of this year with a high standard we accepted.