Senior Boys "Welcome Ramadan" Celebration Assembly

3 June 2016

A Special "Welcome Ramadan Celebration" was conducted for our Senior Boys in Years 7 to 10 earlier today to celebrate next week’s arrival of the sacred month of Ramadan.

Students were treated to some delicious Algerian date cakes and other sweets and were excited to receive door prizes, awards and gifts for answering correctly in the Islamic Quiz.

They were also presenting inspirational speeches and nasheeds. Ustadh Amir was leading through the program which ran as follows:

• Welcome (Ustadh Amir)

• Qur'an Recital with English Translation

• Targheeb about Ramadan (Ust. Amir)

• Door Prizes

• Virtues of Ramadan

• A Story of Fasting

• Allah Ta’aala’s 99 Names (Yusuf B. Yr 7)

• Recital of the Asma ul Husna

• Benefitting Others and caring for the Poor and Needy during Ramadan

• Volunteer Awards (Yr 9’s and Ust. Amir)

• Nasheed

• Dua & Closure (Ust. Amir)

• Distribution of Date Cakes, Sweets and "Virtues of Ramadan" Booklets

Al Siraat College staff would like to wish all students, parents and the wider College community a blessed start of Ramadan: RAMADAN MUBARAK!!!