Special Guests visiting latest Secondary Assembly

14 September 2015

Our fortnightly Secondary Assembly invites inspiring and positive role models from the wider community to address our Senior students on various topics. This time, we invited Mr Navin Dhillon who spoke about Racism to the students.

However, the highlight of the day, was young Oliver Pizzey-Stratford. Oliver is a quadriplegic and spoke to the assembled Senior students about his achievements and experiences. He is currently attending High School in Year 7 himself.

Once the assembly was over, Oliver invited Senior students and staff to play some wheelchair basketball with him at recess. This was made possible with the help of DSA (Disability Services Australia) who kindly provided us with the wheelchairs that can be used for competitive basketball.

We are feeling very grateful for Oliver to share his experiences with us and would like to thank him kindly for addressing the topic of disability in schools with our students. They all agreed on what an inspirational young man Oliver is, mashaAllah.