SportsRec Excursion: Close Encounter with the Law

23 August 2016

Witnesses have reported that 21 students and 2 teachers had entered the World Trade Centre on a mission to uncover the secrets of police documents.

All involved were wearing black and yellow track suit clothing, with female suspects covering their identity with either white or black headscarfs. Reports suggested that the minors in question were armed with pens, taking notes while walking through highly classified exhibitions. Cameras have managed to capture photos of some of the suspects impersonating police.

Fortunately, the World Trade Centre was surrounded by police, who were more than willing to meet the demands of the very inquisitive, yet very dangerous, students. Police were able to make one arrest, later taking mug shots of the student and moving the suspect to a more secure location.

If anyone has more information please avoid making any real complaints, as this was actually an excursion to the Police Museum and students were only doing as they were told.