VCD Excursion: Melbourne Now and Top Designs

1 June 2023

The Year 11 and 12 VCD (Visual Communication and Design) students recently embarked on an exciting and enriching excursion to the "Melbourne Now" exhibition and Top Designs, two prestigious showcases of contemporary art and design.

Top Designs exhibition celebrates the exceptional work of VCE Design and Technology students, showcasing their innovative and thought-provoking projects. The exhibition served as a source of inspiration for the aspiring designers among the Al Siraat students, allowing them to witness firsthand the creativity and skill by viewing top student folios and presentations.

Students were greeted with a plethora of artistic expressions and creations at the Melbourne Now exhibition. From paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations and interactive displays, students were exposed to a wide range of artistic mediums and techniques by emerging and renowned artists and designers from Melbourne.

The excursion to the Melbourne Now exhibition and Top Designs proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience for our Senior Year 11 and 12 VCD students. It not only broadened their horizons and exposed them to diverse forms of artistic expression, but also inspired them to explore their own creative potential.