VCE Awards Ceremony with DUX 2022 presentation

17 February 2023

The Secondary School held its VCE Awards Ceremony for our 2022 VCE students on Tuesday, 14 February 2023. Our 2022 VCE results were the best in the history of the College:

  • Highest ATAR was 98.05
  • 4 students obtaining an ATAR of 90+.
  • 2 perfect study scores of 50
  • 20 scores of 40+.
  • 37.5% achieved an ATAR of 80 or above
  • 9 out of 12 subjects achieved a median study score of 30 or above
  • Our median study score was 32.

We are very grateful to Bronwyn Halfpenny MP, State member for Thomastown, to attend this special ceremony to present the awards to our VCE students.

Our DUX of 2022 is Ruweyda Yusuf. The Dux Award is the highest award a school can bestow on a student for their academic excellence. Ruweyda had completed 11 years of schooling at Al Siraat, had also completed our Hifz Program and now achieved the coveted Dux Award.

We are truly proud of all our students and salute the teachers who had worked tirelessly in striving for academic excellence.