VCE VET Excursion to the MCG

17 April 2017

In Term 1, students enrolled in Unit 1/2 VET Sport and Recreation visited the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds), participating in a guided tour as well as practising their skills in sporting activities in the ‘Game on’ centre.

The purpose of the excursion was to investigate the service qualities and procedures provided by a variety of sectors within MCG. Students were taken as high as the top level and as low as the actual surface of the MCG turf. VET students were also shown the MCC members lounge and change room facilities.

Students were given in-depth historical information regarding former sporting heroes from games such as AFL, Cricket and the Olympics. This insight and information really benefited student understanding, as students may not have noticed the iconic features while visiting on the MCG on a game day or other events. Taking a closer look while in the MCG, students noticed artwork and artistic impressions that detailed stories from within.

During the ‘Game On’ activities, VET students participated in a number of interactive sport challenges, which ranged from handball tests, goal kicking, reaction challenge, archery and soccer goal kicking. All using computer technology to help simulate actual experience and feedback.