Walk with the Mayor Program

14 March 2018

This year, Al Siraat students have joining the "Walk with the Mayor" program for the first time where they shadow Whittlesea's Mayor Cr Kris Pavlidis for a day. The program offers students an opportunity to understand the role of the Mayor and the various departments and positions involved in running our local council.

Our first two students to be a part of this program, Aisha A. and Medina M. from Year 10G1, were very excited to be apart of last week's program. The date fell on the International Women's Day, allowing our two Senior students to celebrate women together with our Mayor Cr Kris Pavlidis at two major events.

The first event was a photo exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day held at the Council’s Great Hall. The second event was a celebration at Parliament House which our students attended together with the Mayor.

Mayor Cr Kris Pavlidis is very passionate about gender equality and a big advocate for seeing greater gender balance in high-end decision making positions, as well as closing the gap in pay. She is devoted to inspiring young people to realise the incredible opportunities available to them.

Aisha and Medina got to ask the Mayor plenty of questions about her role and moving forward. Both students will be developing a presentation about their experience.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this important program that Mayor Kris Pavlidis has pioneered, and we look forward to our second set of students attending the "Walk with the Mayor" program next term.