Year 10 Food Studies: High Tea Luncheon

7 June 2022

Yesterday saw our Year 10 students demonstrating great talent and skills in Food Studies. For their practical assessment exam, students were presenting a High Tea Luncheon to staff who were invited to judge and evaluate the taste of their fantastic efforts.

The room adjacent to our Food Tech facility had temporarily been turned into a lunch time café where students meticulously attended to guests. Prior to the luncheon, a lot of research had gone into the organisation and running of the function, as was evident in the students' portfolios on display: Students had to explore how to best create an inviting and glamorous High Tea from table decoration to designing the menu and food arrangement on the three display tiers.

The students had put together their own scrumptious High Tea menus under the guidance of Ms Iram and were judged on the food itself, its preparation and presentation, students' attentiveness and much more. MashaAllah, our judges from teaching, customer support, maintenance and student support departments were in for an absolute treat to the eyes and tastebuds alike.

Congratulations to all Year 10 Food Studies students for putting together such a professionally organised function. The High tea food and drink selection were all delightful and delicious, and we have no doubt you would have all passed your final exam successfully, inShaAllah.