Year 12 Graduation Ceremony: Class of 2020

16 December 2020

Al Siraat College held its 6th Graduation Ceremony at Bellagio Receptions in Epping on Tuesday, 15 December. Staff and parents witnessed 24 of our students graduating from the College at a glamourous event, that was the highlight of a difficult year both for students and teachers.

During the three-course dinner event, graduates were presented with their certificates and a memorable plaque, signifying the milestone of concluding 13 years of schooling. The College Captains and Aazaz Adra presented beautiful valedictory speeches that summed up their year.

Our guest speaker for the night was a former student, Hafsa Sarwar, who gave first-hand advice to the graduating students.

For the first time, this event was livestreamed on Facebook so that those not fortunate enough to have attended, could also share in this glittering occasion. We are looking forward to 2021!