YEAR 12 VCE Study Retreat

20 February 2023

Our Year 12 students attended their VCE Study Retreat at Lady Northcote Discovery Camp in Glenmore, near Bacchus Marsh from Friday, 3rd February to Sunday, 5th February 2023.

A night walk, camp fire, indoor games, movie night watching "Bilal – a new breed of hero", giant swing and canoeing were recreational activities for our Senior students at the camp.

Subject study sessions with teachers, study skills with Elevate Education trainer, Public Speaking and Trivia Competitions marked a great learning experience for all students.

The level of enthusiasm and excitement amongst the students was phenomenal and teachers reported that the bonding and cooperation elements were just awesome and unbelievable.

Students’ commitment to prayers and Quran/Hadith learning after every prayer was the highlight of the camp experience.

Participating staff members – Mr M Azim, Mr Kullu, Mr Rauf, Mr Vis, Ms Nuha, Ms Naga and Ms Aseel, all reported that the camp experience with the Year 12 of this year was so smooth sailing and without any hiccups because students were very committed, helpful, supportive and self-disciplined.

The detoxing study environment whereby students were without their electronic devices including mobile phones proved to be a unique experience for all students and yes – they all survived without these for three days!!!

Certainly, this camp was a very positive experience for all and the intent of gaining necessary study skills and subject- based skills was successfully met. InShaAllah, the learnings at the camp for all participants will be useful throughout their every day school and life experience.