Year 6 to Year 7 Transition 2022

6 October 2022

Our Secondary School organised a first Year 6 Transition Day. It was one of the first few sessions in supporting students transitioning to Year 7 in 2023. The key shared priority for both our Primary and Secondary School is to ensure that our students feel safe, secure and happy in the school environment and surrounds. The early induction involves the preparation of students to assist them for the year ahead ensure they are fully supported through their entire learning journey at Al Siraat.

Our Year 6 students spent the day following the Secondary timetable and bell times. Muhammad Shahim (Hifz Year 6) opened the program with a Qur'an recitation. Students were then welcomed by Head of Secondary Mr Vis Naidu and Secondary School Team Leader Ms Fatema Faoual about academic and behaviour expectations, routines, time management and organisation skills. Students had an opportunity to asked questions during this section.

Students also heard from Secondary Boys Coordinator Mr David Kinsella and Girls Coordinator Ms Safiye Asanova about students’ Wellbeing sessions, and were then engaged in a team building group activity.

Our Student Representative Council plays an important role in students’ life. It is an association for students to help raise student voices and any concerns they may have. SRCs organised a mini workshop for Year 6’s where students had an opportunity to work in groups of 4 to express any concerns, enquiries, and questions they may have in their mind related to Secondary Schooling.

Health is Wealth: SRC had organised and invited special guest Dr Naveed Mughal, who by professional is a practising doctor and a social worker. Dr Naveed spoke to our students about “10 tips for Healthy Eating”. He talked about the importance of a healthy breakfast, choosing the right meals and staying away from junk food. Dr Naveed presented information on fibres, fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals and healthier drinks. Students enjoyed an interactive session where they asked questions about food, health related issues and the impact of poor food choices. Our Year 6 Primary Captains Tasnim Al Masri and Zacharia Ali presented flowers and a gift to our guest speaker Dr Naveed Mughal.

The next, Year 7 Orientation Day will be held in December 2022.

We wish all our Year 6 students well in their transition from Primary into Secondary School and trust that their first year of Secondary schooling in Year 7 will be a richly rewarding experience throughout 2023, inShaAllah.