Year 7 Field Trip to the Darebin Creek Parklands

18 March 2016

Senior students in 7A and 7B attended a field trip to Darebin Creek Parklands, in Alphington, where they undertook study of the waterway.

The students have been studying water and what impacts our water during term 1 in Geography.

We travelled in Al Siraat’s new bus and arrived in Alphington to meet two very experienced park education officers Peter and Therese. The students were then guided through an investigation that helped us to explore the creek. One of the activities that the students took part in was a study of the water creatures that can be found in the creek, the students were amazed by the diverse range of small water creatures that were to be found and also how these indicated the health of the waterway. The students were also given the opportunity to carry out tests on the water from the creek and we discovered that the Darebin Creek is very healthy, even as far along as Alphington.

The students will be using the information they collected to create a report on the field work over the next week.